Beauty Equipment Furniture & Accessories Australia

Are you looking for expert beauty machinery, furniture and accessories? Then come see the extensive range of specialised beauty clinic equipment we offer.

Everything you need from one supplier

Here, at MM BEAUTY EQUIPMENT SERVICE PTY LTD, we are specialists in what we do. That means that if something goes wrong with your device you can always call us. We know the technology we sell inside out. Our wide range of beauty equipment furniture & accessories includes: IPL/SHR machines, EPI Peel Microdermabrasion machines, LED treatment devices, tattoo removal lasers, treatment chairs and beds. We also have IPL protective glasses for therapists and protective goggles for patients. A variety of multi-functional machines are available also such as the Steamer/brush 2-in-1, Rido 4-in-1, and 8-in-1 multimachines.

Call us for all your beauty equipment needs, we manufacture, sell and service. Our services are offered to Australia nationwide.