Alpha Shape Australia

Many treatment machines use only one main technological function. However, combined treatments are more effective. Normally this requires many devices, but not with the Alpha Shape.

5-in-1 treatment machine with exceptional results

The Alpha Shape uses five different technological functions all combined in one treatment machine. These functions include: Ultrasound Cavitation, Lymphatic drainage, Radio Frequency (RF), Myostimulation, and Cryotherapy. The Ultrasound Cavitation is done is loosen and shake up fat cells followed by lymphatic drainage to drain the fat. RF is then done is renew and repair the skin, while reducing fat, wrinkles and treat acne. Myostimulation, the forth step, works by moving and contracting the muscles using low frequency pulses of Farradic current, helping blood circulation and lymph drainage. The final feature is Cryotherapy – a cold treatment – which helps to sooth the skin after RF.

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